Thursday, August 2, 2012

9 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Businesses are never predictable. Though forecasting is done often by business and marketing analysts, the fact remains that it is forever changing and the trends come and go.

It is, therefore, essential for every business owner to know these trends so that the company's marketing tips will be suited to the needs of the people, his customers.

1. According to a Forrester Research, online purchase will influence about 50 percent of transactions. Therefore, it is imperative for business owners to also engage in online marketing because even as early today, or this coming Christmas, people are already going online to initially get a price check of the items they want and then eventually buy them there. So don't be lagged, make your business available online as well.

2. With the increasing number of people trading their cell phones for smart phones like the iPhone, Blackberry, and Samsung, there is a need for your business to be accessible on the mobile phone. With the apps that can be download for free, not conforming to this trend would mean losing a great part of your clientele.

3. With the sprouting of different social media networks - from Facebook and Twitter, to MySpace and LinkedIn, reaching your target market has never been easier. And with every customer spending at least 4 hours on the internet everyday, these platforms have become an interesting and effective online business tool.

4. Though websites are an effective tool for selling your business to prospective customers, there are many factors like bounce rate that could keep people from reaching your business. This is where email comes in. Though not anymore new, these have intensified throughout the years wherein email management systems are rising, like MailChimp, that create nicer and more effective communication.

5. Though the internet is increasingly influencing even the way people do business, you should not also take for granted the early forms of marketing such as print. You can print on small cards your business and the products and services you offer and send these to prospective clients through mail.

6. Try the buddy system. If it works for camping and other endeavors, then it will surely also work for business. Try to partner for marketing with another business you know and then send through email brochures of your own company and that of your partner. Then let him do the same.

7. As soon as a purchase has been made by a customer, do a follow up by sending another offer. This will definitely make the customer remember and retain the products you are selling.

8. Conduct seminars or in-house trainings either for free or for a fee. Just make sure it is affordable to entice people to register. With this, your business will be talked about and understood and media coverage may even be called for optimum exposure.

9. Change your tactics every now and then. When you overdo it by doing the same thing to all customers, they may end up feeling pestered. So change your strategy to make them not expect the same thing.

Indeed, businesses have to observe trends so that they may survive the tough competition today.

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